Continoue Emmission Monitoring System

Product Description

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) generally refers to a packaged system of gas analyzers, gas sampling system, temperature, flow and opacity monitors that are integrated with a data acquisition system to demonstrate environmental regulatory compliance of various industrial sources of air


  • Continuous Emission Monitoring system(CEMS) consists of Particulate matter monitoring subsystem, Gaseous pollutants monitoring subsystem, Flue gas parameters monitoring subsystem, System control and Data acquisition and Processing Subsystems
  • It can monitor gases such as SO2, NOx, CO, CO2 / O2, Dust, Temperature, Pressure, Flow Rate, Humidity, etc.
  • It can also be extended for a specific occasion to monitor HCL, HF, H2. THC, CO, CO2, NH3, H2S, CL2, VOC and other parameters.
  • The measured gas passes through sampling probe for deducting, heating tube for sampling, then goes into the gas analysis module {Ultra violet differential optical absorption - spectroscopy (DOAS)} for analysis.
  • It effectively eliminates problems of dust and moisture interference on analysis
  • Particularly in the case of low concentration measurements it is an unparalleled advantage