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Product Description

engaged in providing Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tank and much more. Our products are highly applicable in chemical, petrochemical, power & energy, oil and gas industries. These services are highly appreciated for their reliability, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. We also offer Piping Spool Fabrication Service to our clients.

The Heat Exchanger Tubes Bundles

Tubes are the most fundamental part of a heat exchanger to transfer liquids. Tubing is in the form of welded or seamless, but the welded type is more economical than the other one. The tube diameters typically are 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, or 1 inch. Some tubes have smaller diameters. However, it is better to be avoided because the cleaning is more challenging in this case.
To achieve a lower pressure drop, larger diameters might be used. Some tubes are equipped with supplements known as twisted tapes to enhance heat transfer when working with fluids with laminar flow conditions. All tubes are bundled and kept in a shell or casing.
Tubes of Heat exchangers are manufactured in various types of austenitic or duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, zirconium, and titanium, which are proper for all heat exchanger types in the applications of heaters and reheaters, coolers, condensers, and evaporators