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Product Description

Vortex Flowmeters for Temperature & Pressure, Vortex Flowmeter,Electromagnteic FlowMeter, Turbine FlowMeter,GlassTube Rotameter, Metal Tube Rotameter, Purge Rotameter, UltraSonic Flow Meter and Water Meter, Corolisis MassFlow meter,Fuel FlowMeter, Oval Gear Flowmeter,FlowSwitch with FlameProof Enclosure, Magnetic Level Indicator, Reflex Level Indicator, Transparent Level Indicator, Float & Cord Type Level Indicator, Float & Board Type level Indicator, Orifice Plate assembly, Orifice Flange Assembly with DP Transmitter, Condensate Pot, Level Switches, Sight Flow Indicator, Strainers ‘Y’, “T “ Basket Type, Duplex Strainers.