Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Stations

Product Description

Most modern boilers generate steam at high pressures & high temperatures. High pressure steam has lower specific volume, thereby translating into smaller boiler size & lower diameter of steam piping.
High temperature (superheated) steam has more energy, which translates into higher efficiency for power generating steam turbines.
All Process Industries use low pressure low temperature saturated steam.
Low pressure steam has higher latent heat (enthalpy of evaporation).
Low temperature (saturated) steam has the highest heat transfer efficiency.
Lower pressures & temperatures translate into thinner pipes, lighter flanges & less expensive materials thereby significantly reducing capital costs.
Therefore, high pressure superheated steam is generated at a central location (boiler), distributed to various locations in the plant through a steam piping network, and then reduced to the operating pressure & temperature just upstream of the usage points.