Steam Engineering Flow Products

Product Description

Our Product Range include – Flow Control Products (Piston, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Control, Plug and Angle Seat Valves), Steam Traps and Pipeline Accessories ( Thermodynamic steam trap, Thermostatic steam trap, Ball Float steam trap, Inverted Bucket steam trap, strainers, separators, compact module, pipeline connector, manifolds, etc.), Engineered Solutions (Pressure Reducing Station, Condensate Recover Station, De-super heater, Hot Water Systems, etc.) Automation Solutions ( Plywood Industries,Rice Industries,Textile Industries,Pharmaceutical,Efficiency Monitoring Systems for Boilers etc.)and Consultancy Services like Energy Audits, Design Consultancy and Annual Maintenance Contracts,Metallurgical Analysis services for Pipelines,pressure parts,process vessels.
Our extensive range of fully mechanical CONDENSATE RECOVERY SYSTEM that not only helps to recover the condensate with conventional venting arrangement, but also can work in the CLOSED LOOPING thereby allowing the plant to design the system that it virtually WITH ZERO WASTAGE. We can help to recover the heat i.e. going to be wasted to atmosphere in the form of VENT. The system can work in the pressurised condition upto 10 bar(g) which is well above the normal LP steam condensate pressures generated at TANK FARM AREAS or PRODUCT TRACING APPLICATION CONDNESATE DRAINING etc.