Water Pumps/ Process Pumps / Pressure Boosting Systems

Product Description

We are engaged in to Design, Engineering , System integration of all kind of mechanical systems including Water pumps, Process Chemical Pumps, Borewell-Submersible-Pumps, Horizontal-Split-Casing-Pump, Horizontal-Submerged-Centrifugal-Pump, Air compressor, Screw Compressor, Process skids, cooling system, Vacuum Pumps,Non-Clog-Sewage-Sub-Pumps,Open-Well-Submersible-Pumps,Portable-Dewatering-Pump, Air Blowers , which are require in process, power, ports, infrastructure, oil/gas & other related sectors. Our project services & supplies include an entire spectrum of equipment including rotating /static /utility / & other packages specifically engineered as per custom built requirement.


Booster System is commonly used in most of the Building because
  • Provides constant pressurized water at all outlet to meet modern requirements
  • Provides Pressurized water to meet wide fluctuation in demand
  • Saves Civil structure & constructions costs
  • Replacing the old method of roof top storage tank.
  • More sanitary & easy maintenance
  • Saves energy when compared to traditional storage tank method.
Roots Blower- Twin Lobe Roots /Tri Lobe Roots Blower- Positive Displacement
  • Some of the Principal feature design are
  • Rugged Construction, Operate in Overpressure up to 1000mbar Suitable for Continuous Duty
  • Hardened and Ground Class 5 gears, Direct Coupled or V belt driven
  • Some of the common usage of these roots Blower is as follows
  • Effluent Treatment Plants, Pneumatic Conveying System, Central Vacuum
  • Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plant, Aeration in Storage Tanks